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Friday’s Five: Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Scrapbook Pages

#1 Chalkboards 

Try using pastels or chalks, white sharpies, milk paints or chalk inks on your dark paper backgrounds for a fun chalkboard effect.

#2 Dress Forms 

Vintage dress forms can bring a very feminine feel to your layouts.  Try using the shape of their silhouette for a bolder look or in a beautiful background for a softer feel.

#3 Embroidery 

Adding a few floss stitches to your pages—or even an entire design can really liven things up!

#4 Buntings

These little beauties can offer a little bit of flair to your celebration layouts or a nice flowy effect perfect for those Spring-time pages.

#5 Ornate Frames 

Just as they are perfect for framing your prized art possesions in your home—ornate frames can also draw attention to those beautiful photos on your scrapbook layouts!

Thanks to everyone who participated in my little riddle yesterday…as I stated in the comments I believe I may have tried to be a little too tricky!  So because no one came up with the answer I was looking for–instead I took everyone’s name who offered up a guess and entered it in a drawing. The winner of the issue of Green Craft Magazine was MISCELLANEA.  Congratulations!  Please contact me at with your mailing information and I’ll get that out to you right away!

The Color of My Life + A Chance to Win the Latest Issue of Somerset Studio’s Green Craft Magazine!

Take a good hard look at my life and everywhere you look you’ll see GREEN!  In my closet, in my scrapbook room, in my decor and even in my fridge–you might say its become a slightly unhealthy obsession!  And worst of all…it seems I’m passing it on to my son–who’s favorite hot wheel (the one that never leaves his hands…not even when he’s sleeping) is GREEN, he even likes to eat his GREEN fruit loops first! So why is it that with all of this GREEN in my life–that I always forget to wear GREEN on St. Patty’s day?

While I typically don’t discriminate against shades of GREEN–I do have a few favorites when it comes to the things in my life that are GREEN:
My husband’s GREEN eyes
My little GREEN Cuttlebug 
My son’s favorite GREEN blankie
Somerset Studio’s GREENCraft Magazine
Key LIME Pie
My Emerald GREEN Birthstone
Now for some fun… how many times did the word GREEN appear within this post?  The first person to come up with the correct answer in the comments below will win a copy of Somerset Studio’s Spring 2011 GREENCraft Magazine!

ALSO that reminds me…Log your Memory is offering 50% off of all of their downloadable products for today only so run on over there and get your Memory Logbook 2011: Full Year Download for half the price. Just use coupon code LUCKY4me.

Inspired By…Pretty Faces

I am in love with the trend of “silhouettes” that is sweeping over the photography, scrapbooking and craft worlds, as of late.  As I was browsing through Etsy, I ran across this fun little shop that specializes in custom silhouette prints and ceramics called Pretty Faces.

Photo Source: Pretty Faces
Not only would I love to have one of these pendants with my boys’ silhouettes on them–but I got to thinking about how much fun it would be to use their silhouettes on a scrapbook page–and as a result, the following layout was born!
Digital Designs by One Little Bird Designs
To make my own layout-ready silhouette of my son I: 
1. Found my photo
2. Extracted the subject in my photo editing software.
3. Clipped a favorite digital paper to the extracted image.
4. Added a bit of definition to my silhouette with a stroked outline.
Need more help with making your own silhouette for your scrapbook pages?  Splendid Fiins has a wonderful tutorial available for making your own silhouette portraits, which includes tips on getting the perfect photo and turning it into a silhouette; a swoop brush set for that great head bust look; and backgrounds and mats for mounting your silhouettes on– check it out here
A BIG thanks to Pretty Faces  for the inspiration! Stop by her shop to have a look…and I think you’ll be inspired too! 

Monday Makeover: Making Over Your Workspace (Part One)

They say the first step to overcoming any obstacle in your life is to acknowledge the problem and confront it head on!  So it would make sense that before we can have that beautifully inspiring workspace we’ve always dreamed of, that we must first acknowledge the problems with our current space and address them one by one!  Even if the problems in your space seem small now…just remember what you may end up with if you let them pile up on you!  So why not take the first step towards taking control, by assessing your current workspace, TODAY?!

My Stash Two Months Ago–How Did I ever Find Anything in That Mess?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I create easily and comfortably in my current workspace?
  • Is my current space of sufficient size for my crafting needs? 
  • Do all of my supplies have a home in my current workspace?
  • Do I have a clear surface large enough to work on in my space?
  • Have I purged my stash of products that I will never use?
  • Do I know what I have and if its still usable?
  • Do I feel inspired to create by my surroundings? 
If you answered all of these questions with a YES, then congratulations–you’re in better shape than the rest of us ;) If you answered a few of these question with a NO then you may have a few things you want to consider–if you answered most or all of these questions NO–then like me–you may have your work cut out for you…but not to worry I’m here to tell you: you CAN have the space you always wanted and maintain it too!
Take a peek at my action plan!

So your homework for the week is to go back over the list of questions above and decide what needs to change in order for you to answer each question with a “yes.” Using that information draft a realistic set of goals, as well as, a list of actionable steps to take in order to reach those goals. Once you have a clear plan of attack you will be prepared to TAKE CONTROL of your space!

Want more…well you’re in luck!  Click on the links below for the rest of this four-part series!

Part Three Taking Action
Part Four Taking Time

Photo of The Day: Together

(Captured with my LG Vortex Phone)
For daily or even weekly photo prompts delivered right to your inbox, visit: Capture Your 365

Friday’s Five: Oscraps Celebrates Their 5th Birthday!

Today Oscraps turns 5! And they’re celebrating all week long!

There’s new products in the store like these beautiful NEW Flight Plan templates from One Little Bird Design

 One Little Bird’s Flight Plan No. 6 and Instinct Kit

They’ve also got fun challenges, freebies, chats and prizes–just check out their Birthday Bash forum for all of the details!  And don’t miss their “Day O’ Scrappin’” tommorrow…it should be a blast!

Biograffitti’s Challenge Template: 5 Reasons to Celebrate
One Little Bird’s This Moment and Abide Kits

And best of all each of the designers is having a sale within their own shops–discounts vary from 20% to 35%!  They’ll also be giving out coupons on Twitter throughout the next week so load up those carts while the gettin’s good and keep an eye out for all of those Birthday Worthy Deals!

Hope to see you there!


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