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POTD: High Five!

Congratulations Brett and Jesse on Five Months! 
Before you know it it will be five years!

What’s My Style?

This is something I’ve struggled with for years…what is my style?!  I am inspired and intrigued by so many different styles that I have had difficulty settling on just one. I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and styles all of the time and love combining them in my work. Some people call this eclectic, some people call it indecisive…I think it’s just plain FUN!

However it was after discussing and considering this topic in depth as a part of the Indie Business 3.0 Workshop I am currently enrolled in–that I took this photo of one of my son’s toy cars. We had just recently bought this very nifty set of cars that are made of wood and have a very vintage feel to them, however they’re shaped like modern sports cars and pick-up trucks, with brightly colored windshields and tire covers and they can be pieced together like legos:

It was as I looked at this photo that it dawned on me…THIS IS MY STYLE!

I know what you’re thinking…that I’ve lost my mind!  But in all of my exploration over the past week, I’ve found but one common theme that existed in everything I love and almost everything I create–that was present in my son’s car set as well–and that is a blending of old and new!

Photo Source:

As I look around at the fashion and the decor I am drawn to, as well as, the movies and music I enjoy–I see it time and time again: bold colors and patterns paired together with a classic or vintage design, modern music and fashions infused into a delightful period piece or the sound of punk music accompanied by a beautiful piano melody.

I guess you could say I like the old and I like the new–but together I love what they can accomplish–it’s just my style!

POTD: It’s In The Bag

Captured w/ my Nikon P90 and processed in Lightroom

My first “Not for Moms” Handbag–this marks a huge milestone in my life!  No crayons or bottles or Hot Wheels have made their way into this bag!  Just my camera, my journal, my wallet and my cell phone.  This handbag truly belongs to ME!

Monday Makeover: Making Over Your Workspace (Part Two)

Last week we began this Workspace Makeover series by talking about “Taking Control” of our spaces.  Today we’re going to build on that idea by…

In order to organize your space in a manner that leaves you knowing what you have and all of your supplies with a home–it may be necessary to “Take Inventory.”  This will help to let you know how much space you’ll need for storing your supplies and what if any, storage you’ll need to purchase.  Let’s start by getting an overall idea of how you plan to store your supplies and therefore what kind of an inventory will best suit your needs.

Visual vs. Physical Inventories

A visual inventory relies more on SEEING what you have, rather than knowing. I am a very visual person and as a result, I like to keep my supplies out in the open so I know what I have and am inspired to use them.  An open system works best for me and others like me who prefer to keep their supplies visible, as a means of properly rotating and using products.  A visual inventory can be executed  by keeping your supplies easily accessible and visible from your primary workspace so that you have an adequate visual picture of your stash.  Often an organizational plan, a labeling system, visual displays and constant maintenance are required to keep up the appearance of your visible supplies.  

Other people may prefer to keep a physical inventory of their supplies, by keeping an up-to-date record.  This can be a handy way for those who like to keep their supplies contained and out of sight, to know exactly what they have and need. This method requires less maintenance of your actual supplies, but a constant maintenance of your record of those supplies. Take a look at the following video by Christie Hund which shares a fabulous inventory system to model your own after!  She also offers some product specific charts to include in your own inventory book, on her website Creations by Christie.

Divide and Conquer

Once you’ve chosen a method that’s right for you can begin taking inventory by following these steps:

  1. Group like supplies together.
  2. Test each supply within a respective group to see if it is in working order.
  3. Purge products no longer of use to you.
  4. Determine the amount of, as well as, the type of storage necessary to house the supplies within each group.
  5. Make note of items that need to be replaced or added to your stash.
  6. Repeat Steps 2-4 for each grouping of supplies.
  7. Execute an inventory of your supplies by developing either a written record, ideas for visual displays, a labeling system and/or an organizational plan for your supplies.
(Note: This will need to be done from time to time to keep your inventory up-to-date and accurate!)

Join me next week for the third part in this four part series, “Taking Action,” in which we look at piecing together a space that is organized, clean, practical and inspiring.

POTD: Seeing Eye to Eye

Captured w/ my Nikon P90 and processed in Lightroom

I feel so fortunate to have these kind eyes to look into each and every day!

POTD: Little Boy Blue

Captured with my Nikon P90 and processed in Lightroom.

I just love that pudgy face of yours and those gorgeous baby blues!

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